Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting

Tube Laser cutting is a relatively new manufacturing process when compared with other manufacturing processes which have their origins from the industrial revolution.

Laser Cutting uses a focused light and usually an assist gas to burn material (typically metal) into a shape which can then undergo further manufacturing processes such as pressing or countersinking.

Tube laser cutting works on a multi-axis basis where the tube is rotated by a large chuck and the laser then cuts the necessary holes, apertures and profiles. This is a highly accurate method of cutting metal tube and has many advantages over traditional “sawing” methods.

The advantages of using tube laser cutting profiles are:

1. Repeatability: When cutting tube by hand it is often the case that there are differences from part to part as the operator may use slightly different methods each time. However, the laser will only use the settings that are programmed into the machine so there is less scope for deviation in dimensions from part to part. Repeatability is vitally important in today’s manufacturing environment as the increase in lean manufacturing techniques mean that each component part has to be identical to the next. Otherwise the knock on effect of a bad assembly can lead to production delays and inevitably lost profits.

2. Speed: Lasers cut at multiple metres per second and can cut tube hundreds of times faster than via manual methods. This means that purchasers of laser cut tubes can get their parts within days rather than months reducing the amount of cash they have to keep tied up in stock.

3. Versatility: The flexibility of laser profiling tube gives far more options for designers of parts especially in the architectural and construction sectors. Complex designs can be cut into a tube which are not possible by traditional cutting methods.

4. High Volume Manufacturing: The standard supply of steel tube is in six metre lengths, managing these lengths in traditional factories was cumbersome. However, modern tube lasers allow for the loading of six metre tube in a single setup. This reduces the amount of time spent handling tubes thus aiding high volume manufacturing.

In summary tube laser cutting uses the same techniques as flat laser cutting apart from the vital difference of the tube rotating as cut. There are many advantages over traditional tube cutting methods, however, the most important advantage is that it saves time and money in manufacturing – This is vital in today’s competitive manufacturing marketplace.

Jobsite offers Tube Laser Cutting services utilizing the Amada FOM2 Laser. Contact us for pricing.

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