Steel Panelizing Factory

The SFS Steel Panelizing Factory is the largest and most effective system Jobsite has engineered. The automated system includes a complete software package that gives you full control of building design as well as control of inventory and production management. The roll forming production and assembly lines work in one cohesive unit for maximum efficiency during production. This system is tested and proven and is, by far, the most cost effective solution for quickly and effectively producing steel frame panelizing for residential and commercial applications.


Benefits of SFS Steel Panelizing Factory


1. Accelerate Speed of Construction.

With 80% of the framing assembled off-site, builders can expect to cut the speed of framing by an amazing 70%.

2. Lower Building Costs

Lower all costs of construction including labor, waste, long term building maintenance, foundation costs, scrap disposal costs and weather delay costs.

3. Customizable

Each system is setup to fit your business model. After consulting with Jobsite’s engineering department and steel framing experts a system is developed to meet your needs.


Typical Equipment Layout of a Steel Panelizing Factory

The complete factory requires minimum of 30,000 SF of warehouse space.

Bi-Directional Conveyor

The Jobsite Bi-Directional Conveyor is capable of delivering parts to either end of the conveyor allowing you to feed two (2) separate lines. Single conveyors handle parts up to 10’ in length and dual conveyors will handle parts up to 24’ in length.

Universal Dump Table

The Universal Dump Table is attached to each machine to handle the parts being made. Operated by a pneumatic cylinder, parts can be dumped onto the conveyor operating in either direction. The dump zone clear sensors handles part lengths from 6” to 24’.

Bridging Clip Assembly Table

The Bridging Clip Assembly Table is designed for attaching clips to the inside or outside of steel studs. Handles stud sizes from 3 5/8” to 10”.

Material Transfer Cart

The Material Transfer Cart is used for transporting parts from the conveyors through the factory.

Short Welding Fixture

The Short Welding Fixture is designed for welding steel studs together to create support beams and columns. It handles stud sizes from 3 5/8” to 10” up to 12’ long.

Long Welding Fixture

The Long Welding Fixture is designed for welding steel studs together to create support beams and columns. It handles stud sizes from 3 5/8” to 10” up to 26’ long.

Adjustable Height Panel Cart

This Cart is designed for moving wall panels to various sub-assembly locations. It handles panel sizes from 4’ to 26’ high to 22’ wide. Powered by battery they have 24” of vertical movement. A welding cart is available to easily allow for panel welding.

Framing Table

The Framing Table is designed to easily assemble steel stud and track members into wall panels. It handles wall panel sizes from 4’ to 26’ high and 22’ wide.


The L-Skid is used for safe and easy loading of panels onto the transportation vehicle from the factory to the jobsite.

Truss Tables

Truss Tables are designed for easy truss layout and assembly integrating quick positioning and clamping. An optional VIRTEK laser system can be added for precise truss layout.


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