Metal Finishing

Without metal finishing, products made from metals would last only a fraction of their present lifespan because of corrosion and wear.

Jobsite offers many metal finishing options. The in-house metal finishing department includes a hard chrome plating booth, powder coat painting booth and wet paint spray booth. Contact us to explore your metal finishing options.


Metal Finishing Equipment

Equipment Models

  • Paint Booth
  • Powder Coating Booth – Cutting edge technology in powder coating. Oven size is 8¹ x 12¹ x 17′. Capable of handling large parts
  • AEM Timesaver – Material graining, up to 36″ wide.
  • Trinco Glass Bead Blaster
  • Hard Chrome Plating Line – Industrial Hard Chrome OD plating of small to medium parts for hardness and wear resistance. File thickness Flash Coats .0002 to .005 thick.
  • Hardness: Rockwell 68 to 72. Can also plate ferrous metals.

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