Framing Table

This Panel Framing Table is equipped with two Semi-Automatic Drill Gun Carriages that operate independent of each other. Each Drill Carriage slide freely on its rail and is both, electrical and pneumatically driven by a push of a button. Each drill gun is carried by a linear thrust pneumatic cylinder that is adjustable depending on the thickness of the components being assembled. Also each Gun Carriage has 2 Pressure Brackets, that when the drill button is pressed; apply pressure to the top end of the track for a flush fitted track and stud.

The downward and upward speed of the pneumatic thrust cylinders is adjustable. The adjustments are made on the fittings connected to solenoid valves corresponding to each bank. Each bank should be labeled. Lower is for the lower drill head. The upper is for the upper drill head. COMPR is for the pressure brackets. (This has no adjustment) The top fitting on the solenoid controls the downward speed of the gun head. This may be adjusted according to the necessary speed needed to drive screw into different thicknesses of material.) The bottom fitting on the solenoid controls the upward speed of the gun head. This controls how fast you prefer the gun head to retract to position.

The recommended psi of compressed air coming to the Panel Framing Machine is 100psi. The recommended psi of compressed air coming into each Drill Carriage is 80 psi. The regulator located on the bottom right-hand side of the carriage regulates the pressure coming into the carriage.

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Gun Carriage

Gun Carriage is designed to accommodate for 3-5/8” – 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10” deep panels and can be easily set by removing hitch pins and loosening pressure bolt on top sleeve bracket only and moving it to the desired height. Note that the Bottom sleeve bracket is stationary and need no adjustment.

All that is needed to assemble a set wall panel is to slide over Gun Carriage to the center of the stud joint and press and hold the ENGAGE Button. If both drill heads are turned on that the control box, both drill heads should engage and drive a screw on both sides of the track. Note that pressure blocks engage at the push of the button regardless if one of the gun head is turned off.


Detailed Product Information

Table Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • 22’ Wide Model: 24’ [7.31m] Wide, x 30.5’ [9.29m] Long
    • 30 Wide Model: 32’ [9.75m] Wide, x 30.5’ [9.29m] Long
    • Platform Height: 12”
    • Working Height: 30” Adjustable
  • Weight:
    • 22’ Wide Model Approximately 13,000 lbs.
    • 30 Wide Model Approximately 16,000 lbs.
  • Materials:
    • 3-5/8” – 10” Wall Studs
    • 26 – 14 Gauge Steel (0.61mm to 1.82mm)

Traveling Fixture Specification

  • Power supply: 220 VAC, 1HP, 20 AMPS
  • Controls: ABB
  • Drive: 1.5 HP Electric Motor  – Gear Reducer – Chain Drive
  • Speed:
    • Fast Mode: Approximately 10 feet per minute
    • Slow Mode: Approximately 4 feet per minute

Range of Materials

  • Power Supply: 110V AC 15 AMPS EACH
  • Controls: ABB
  • Drive: Pneumatic  Linear Thrust Cylinders 80 lbs. Minimum Supply

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