Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication has been one of Jobsite’s specialties since the beginning of business in 1973. Founder Bond Jacobs, started Bond’s Custom Manufacturing (now known as Jobsite) in a 20’x20′ garage with a wooden manual hand brake. Today Jobsite’s sheet metal fabrication department has the capabilities to manufacture any type of sheet metal products.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment

Power Press Break Equipment

  • Toyokoki HYB-250 – This CNC controlled, 13 axis, 250 metric ton press brake was developed by combining the best aspects of a conventional hydraulic brake with an AC Servo brake and auto crowning system for accurate bends. It is capable of bending all types of metal with a ram repeatability of several microns. Capacity: 250 metric tons, 14′ long. Bending up to 1/2″ thick HR plate, 7′ long. Over-bending capabilities up to 1/4″ at 130°.
  • Amada FAB-125 – Fine Angle Bender – Electronic digital programmable control; Capacity: 135 tons, 10 ft. long. Bending up to 3/16″ plate, 10′ long.

Punching Equipment

  • US Amada N/C Turret (55 Ton) Punch Press – Model 567 – Coma, 50″-60″-72″, 44 stations, 50 tons of punching force. Capacity: punch 3/8″ mild steel plate, nibble 1/4″ mild steel plate. Punching sheet sizes up to 60″ x 144″.
  • MUBEA 33 Ton Press – Capacity: 1-1/8″ hole thru 3/8″ mild steel.

Power Roller Equipment

  • Power Roller – 6″ minimum diameter X 5¹ long. Capacity: 1/4″ thick mild steel. 3/16″ thick stainless steel.
  • Roller – 4″ minimum diameter X 6¹ long. Capacity: 16 GA mild steel or 18 GA stainless steel.
  • Roller – 3″ minimum diameter X 4¹ long. Capacity: 16 GA mild steel or 18 GA stainless steel.

Shearing, Notching and Sawing Equipment

  • US Amada 10¹ Power Shear – Capacity: minimum to 1/2″ without rollover or burrs, capable of slitting over 10¹ lengths. Shearing up to 1/4″ stainless and 1/2″ mild steel.
  • US Amada Corner Notcher – Capacity: 1/4″ x 8″ x 90 degree cut out in mild steel.
  • US Amada Band Saw Model HFA-330 – Capacity: 12″ diameter with programmable auto-feed and cut to length.
  • Hyd Mech Saw – Hydraulically driven. Capacity: 18″ & 16″. Capable of cutting 45°.

Hardware Insertion Equipment

  • Auto Insert Model X-7 Automatic Pem-Serter – Equipped to install up to 3/8-16 capacity pem-nut, rivets, etc.

Tube Bending Equipment

  • RMD-300 Rotary Draw Tube & Pipe Bender – Bending a wide range of pipe and tube up to 180 degrees.

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