JS6 6" K-Style Gutter Machine

JS6 standard features include a power driven bullet roller, chain and gear driven rollers, rolling double reel support stand, one steel reel and an E-Z cut shear. Also offered is an emergency shut-off switch and a double outlet with weatherproof cover for accessories. Capable of producing up to 35 feet of K-Style gutter per minute, these gutter machines can be used in both on-site and in-plant operations.
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Detailed Product Information

Standard Features

  • Rolling two reel support stand
  • One steel reel
  • E-Z cut shear
  • Bead style crimper with stainless steel rollers
  • Entry end emergency stop button
  • Removable lids for easy access
  • Double weatherproof outlet for accessories
  • Powder coat finish (fully rust resistant)
  • Rollers hardened and hard chrome plated
  • Anti-dent plate allows dent free cuts
  • Major adjustments limited to 2 stations
  • Two year warranty on parts only


  • Length: 122 inches (3.04 m) with shear
  • Width: 20 inches (50 cm)
  • Height: 45 inches (114 cm) with reels
  • Weight: 1,400 pounds (635 k)
  • Power supply: 1HP, 110V, 13A T.E.F.C., single phase Motor
  • Shear: Rack and Pinion dual chain drive guillotine style
  • Drive: 14 Forming rollers driven by sprockets, chain, and gears
  • Speed: 35 feet (10.67 m) per minute
  • Controls: Drum switch activated
  • Materials Formed: 26 to 24 gauge steel, 0.027 to 0.032 aluminum and 16oz 1/4 hard to 20oz 1/2 hard copper
  • Coil Widths: 15″ (381mm)
  • Decoiler Capacity: 800 pounds (363 k) per reel


  • Extra steel reels
  • Dual rolling coil cradle base
  • Extra coil cradles
  • Run out stands
  • Free float (Alcoa Hook)
  • Bottom rib roller
  • Drum switch control
  • International wiring

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